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Lost in the depths, you must find a way to reach the surface. Be careful, the abyss is a huge place where the darkness falls. Forgotten predators watch for the slightest movement of their prey.

This game was created in a little more than 48h, for the ENJAM 2017.

Created by

Yufeng HUANG - Graphist 

Lucas TERRYN - Graphist

Arthur CHAMEROIS - Graphist

Ghjuvannu-Carlu SOZZI - Graphist

Yannis ATTARD - Programmer

Damien CRECHET - Programmer

Yannis MOULAY - Game Designer

Corinne LE TOQUIN - Game Designer

Aurélien DEMEY - Sound Designer

Anize AMESTOY - Sound Designer

Alessandro LEGATO - Producer


Drowned.zip 297 MB


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Nice stuff. Neat visuals and audio, well done on such a short timeline. Good job!

Could use a bit more information at the start as well as a little fix for the gun and its flash but overall a fun experience, not so much tense as other underwater games I've found.

Cool mechanics! Made for a great feeling of stealth while being scared of my surroundings! Maybe just cause I hate the ocean so much! 

This little experience just blew me away. Claustrophobic atmosphere, beautiful visuals, awesome sound. Seriously, well done.

Thanks for playing and for the kind words, we really appreciate !